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As Warsaw Reaches Refugee Capacity, Mayor Pleads for Europe-Wide Help

Facing another potential surge of Ukrainian refugees, Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski says his city “cannot afford to improvise on such important matters.”

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Displaced Ukrainians Flee to Western Parts of Country

Since Warsaw started taking in Ukrainian refugees, the Polish capital’s population has increased by more than 15%. It is now host to some 300,000 such refugees, but you won’t find any big refugee camps in the city. Instead, residents are hosting Ukrainians at their homes.

The city is now reaching its capacity, according to Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski. He is calling for the European Union and the United Nations to initiate an immediate and coordinated strategy across Europe, saying the city won’t be able to deal with a potential second wave of refugees. Trzaskowski, a member of Poland’s leading opposition party Civic Platform who ran for president in 2020, is also calling for more financial aid to go directly to local governments and organizations working on the ground, rather than just to the national government.