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By Susan Berfield
A small city agreed almost unanimously that reparations were called for. Then the arguments began in earnest.
Episode 3: How Black Farmers Fought the Wealth Gap
By Elizabeth Rembert and Shelly Banjo
Black farmers received $20.8 million from Trump's Covid relief packages. Now, the American Rescue Plan dedicates $5 billion to farmers of color. The inequity is part of a long legacy of discrimination.

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Episode 1: A Big, Expensive, Global Mystery
By Jordyn Holman
In the first episode of The Pay Check, we go deep on pay discrimination. Host Rebecca Greenfield tells us about an equal pay fight in her own family. We take you inside a gender discrimination case that’s been unfolding at Goldman Sachs for over a decade. And we look at how companies magically make their pay gaps disappear—without actually paying women more
Episode 2: The Surprising Origins of the Gender Pay Gap
By Rebecca Greenfield and Claire Suddath
Rebecca Greenfield talks to Claire Suddath about how a century of rules and laws saying what women can and can’t do have made it easy for companies to pay women less. Then Claire talks with Lilly Ledbetter, whose fight for gender equality at Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. seemed like an open and shut case—until a loophole in the law denied her justice.
Episode 3: Why Some People Don’t Believe in the Pay Gap
By Francesca Levy, Rebecca Greenfield, Jordyn Holman and Max Abelson
Skeptics say the gender pay gap is explained by choices women make about family and career. Rebecca Greenfield unpacks those arguments with the help of professors from Harvard and Georgetown. Then, Jordyn Holman goes inside a contract negotiation between Netflix and the comedian and actress Mo’Nique that went south.
Poker Chip Illustrations
By Rebecca Greenfield
First we head to the competitive world of poker, where stakes are high and representation of women is low. Then we talk to journalists Manoush Zomorodi and Rose Eveleth talk about sexism in media and the difficulties of finding a mentor.

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