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Do you want to share a news tip without identifying yourself? Here’s how.

A good story can start anywhere, including with anonymous tips, but if you want to provide a meaningful tip for journalists, you should share specific information — and not general speculation. At Bloomberg, we cover governments and power around the globe, as well as business and economics. If you have specific information you’d like to share with Bloomberg News but don’t want to reveal your identity to us, you can follow the methods below.

Please do not use these methods to send press releases or story pitches.

Postal Mail

If you have documents or digital files on a thumb drive, you can send them from a public mailbox without including a return address. Address it to “TIPS” or to a specific reporter on the outside of the envelope.

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Bloomberg maintains a SecureDrop server — a secure communication platform designed to shield your identity. We set up our server in conjunction with the project’s maintainers, the Freedom of the Press Foundation to ensure it meets the highest industry standards. We control the SecureDrop server, which stores any information you send us in an encrypted format and if we are compelled to turn over information provided to us via SecureDrop, we won’t have anything that would reveal your identity, unless you chose to give us that information.

How to

For added security, you may wish to connect to Tor on a computer running the TAILS operating system.

Privacy information

Our policy is to scrub metadata from the files we receive through SecureDrop before publication. If you don’t want to send us metadata, please use the Metadata Anonymization Toolkit to scrub the file before you submit it.

However, no one can truly guarantee 100% security of any system. Like all software, SecureDrop may contain bugs. Ultimately, you use the SecureDrop service at your own risk.